Korea Albumberg Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company specializing in Korean cosmetics products and services, with a leading position in the industry. It is a trading company with a collection of cosmetics exports, cultural and artistic dissemination and brand marketing. Its main business includes Jayjun, Mediheal, AHC, It's skin, Innisfree, Laneige, Sulwhasoo, Hera, MD's Pick and many other hot-selling products. The products are sold to the United States, mainland China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and other places.

Korea Albumberg Co., Ltd. was established in December 2nd, 2013. It is a trading company with the collection of cosmetic exportation, culture, art and marketing. The company insists on the philosophy of "quality first, price best, corporate to succed" to provide customers with the best quality and the most assured cosmetic products.

The company is located in South Korea Gyeongsangnam-do,the provincial capital city of Changwon City. It is located next to the National Changwon University and has a rich cultural atmosphere. It is adjacent to Busan Metropolitan City and close to Busan Port, with convenient transportation and strong timeliness. Changwon City is the political center of Gyeongsangnam-do and the location of provincial government, where the company has timely access to policy information and can timely response to the latest policy. So far, the company has set up many inside agencies, including Korean domestic operation department, overseas operation department, accounting department, brand research department and other institutions.

Since the company’s establishment in 2013, annual sales have maintained rapid growth. By the end of 2016, the company's total sales have reached 26 billion won.


On December 2nd, 2013 - The company was established and sold $ 78 million won in the same month.

In October 2014 - The company made the first single export to Hong Kong and gradually occupied Hong Kong's major market share.

In 2015 - The company signed a Jayjun water needle license, and get the exclusive license of Mediheal Trilogy the same year. Annual sales reached 4 billion won.

In 2016 – The company signed the exclusive overseas license with Hong Kong SASA Group, and signed the exclusive distribution license of MD's Pick spa box, solely responsible for the promotion and sales of the brand. So far, sales have reached 26 billion won.

Our corporation concept is “quality first, price best, corporate to succed

Quality is the basic guarantee for the survival of trade enterprises. Our company will spare no efforts to select the best suppliers and strictly supervise the downstream wholesalers in order to ensure no fake and defective products in the outflow of products. Through continuous collecting supply channels, compressing supply discount ratio, and providing the largest discount to the downstream importers, our company, brand holders together with downstream importers make product sales through the cooperation model, rather than simply buying in and selling out. In this way, we realized profit balance and achieved the effect of tripartite wins.